Jan 23, 2021

Terms for Clear Thinking

Exploring the future, life and making systems work and operate in our personal life that is line with our future, it's important to address things that come in the way of clear thinking. For instance, confirmation bias, sunk cost bias, and other biases that we have a natural inclination towards can possibly obscure our line of sight when making a clear decision. Heck, even our physical environment plays a large role in this. Here are a few things that I've considered as I define terms for clear thinking:

  1. Never be concerned with wastefulness (wasted time, resources, etc). Rather, consciously consider adjusting your lifeOS systems in your day to either eliminate problems and/or create opportunity. Both create space. When we focus on wastefulness, we tend to be past-oriented and this tends to cause more missed opportunities than create more value.
  2. When problems arise, address them and take the additional time to fix the cause of the problem. This separates the successful from the unsuccessful. Most people react to life circumstances, feel overwhelmed as they happen, but rarely take the time to take the additional step and time to fix the cause of the problem.
  3. You can stand out from the crowd by doing two things of noticeable human quality that are terribly simple, but most do not do: be dependable & consistent. Both of these can change everything for you. Dependability means a yes is yes and your no is no. Stop negotiating with yourself and you begin to take what you say more seriously. Consistency isn't as much about discipline as it is about trust. Build trust with yourself with consistency and do it with those around you.

more to come soon...